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Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

During Key Stage 3 students study a wide range of subjects.  Our aim is to build on the work completed during their primary education and to support their continued progress through both Key Stage 3 and then onto Key Stage 4.

Core subjects
English, Maths and Science (Year 7 & 8 combined Science, Year 9 – Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

Foundation subjects
Geography, History, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Dance, Drama, Music and Art
PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health & Careers Education)

Students are assessed against National Curriculum assessment levels and their progress tracked throughout each academic year against end of year and end of Key Stage minimum targets.  There is an increased focus on literacy development throughout the academy and in some cases specific literacy lessons are delivered to secure existing literacy levels but more importantly to increase student capability in this area.

Each day all students are required to read for 15 minutes a book of their choice.  The START (Stop Teaching And Read Together) programme aims to encourage reading for pleasure and impact on students’ capabilities across the curriculum.

Subject Learning Programmes are published each half term on the UCAN website to allow all parents/carers to see and understand what their child is learning during that half term.

During Year 9 students will opt for their Key Stage 4 courses.  A structured programme is in place to ensure that students with the support of their parents and academy staff make choices that are most appropriate to their aspirations.

Our curriculum provision is reviewed each academic year to ensure it continues to meet the needs of our students.

For futher information on the curriculum we provide please contact the school directly.