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Homework Tips

Homework is an important part of your overall education.  It can be used to consolidate what you have learned during the lesson to make sure you understand the work.  Homework allows you to gain a greater understanding of the work you are studying or to allow you to research particular topic.  Some homework can be set to allow you to revise for a test or examination. It is important that you complete all homework tasks to help you achieve your potential.

Write down the homework in detail in your planner.

You should ensure that you have your planner with you everyday.  It is a very important tool for you to use to allow you to organise yourself effectively and is the main communication between school and home.  Your parents will be expected to sign your planner every week

Take home everything required to do the homework.

Tick in your planner when each piece of work is complete

If none is set – write this down so that you know the work is not being ignored.

If you have had difficulty completing a piece of work, your parent should write a comment to your teacher in your planner.

Work independently to complete the tasks. 

Ask for help if the work is difficult or the instructions are not clear. Remember that it is your responsibility to clarify instructions with the teacher and write everything down!

Hand tasks in on time

Excuses are not going to avoid you receiving a sanction if your homework is not handed in.

Get help if you need it

We have a regular Homework Club in the Library. If you need to use the internet for homework tasks you can use homework club to have access to ICT. Many subjects run their own homework clubs too and you should ask your subject teacher about this if you feel this would be beneficial to you. 

Be organised!

Try to do your homework at the same time each night and get into a routine.  It is a good idea to get your homework done as soon as you get in from school.  This leaves time for you to enjoy your evening once it is finished. Make sure you have equipment at home to enable you to do your homework. You will need pens, pencils, ruler, calculator and felt pens.

Click below to download a blank homework timetable that you can complete.