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UCAN celebrates International Pi Day 2018 - 09/05/2018

International Pi Day was celebrated across the globe on Wednesday, March 14 and signifies the 3rd month and 14th day representing the decimal form of Pi 3.14.

International Pi Day is an annual opportunity for math enthusiasts to recite the infinite digits of Pi and students from University of Chester Academy Northwich (UCAN) celebrated this special day by taking part in a number of activities and challenges.

Students applied various strategies to recite the decimal representation of Pi to as many decimal places as they could remember. Student Bogdan Draghici amazed staff and students as he continued to successfully recall 62 decimal places of Pi.

Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159. Pi has been calculated to over one trillion digits beyond its decimal point. As an irrational and transcendental number, it will continue infinitely without repetition or pattern.

Mr Wright, Head of Mathematics said: “The students had a fun time and it was brilliant to see their efforts and support for each other as they entered into the memory challenge. Preparation and revision pays off!!”

Bogdan Draghici, Year 8 student said: “I found it quite easy really! I turned the decimal into a series of two digit numbers, halving the amount I needed to remember”